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Notes and Music Suggestions

Notes on this Order of Service

This liturgy is particularly appropriate for the afternoon or evening of Palm Sunday. It may also be offered at any time during the course of Holy Week or at other times as is appropriate.

Silence is an important component of this service. The liturgy allows for many periods of silence and these opportunities for stillness should be used to their fullest extent. Silence may occur between the bidding, “Let us pray” and the prayer which follows. It is also appropriate to allow for periods of silence at the conclusion of each section of the liturgy prior to the reading of each Meditation. Silence may also be inserted before/after each anthem throughout the course of the liturgy.

If the Choir and Ministers are to process to/from their places, processions should move slowly, solemnly, and in silence.

The Meditations may be read by any number of individuals, though it is essential that the reader(s) are excellent public speakers and that they are well rehearsed in their assigned reading(s).

This liturgy is a suggested form only. Readings may be shortened or omitted – or entire sections of this liturgy may be omitted. In place of Biblical readings, poetry or other appropriate readings may be used.

Appropriate hymns may be inserted, in the course of the liturgy, between sections, i.e. following Prayers and preceding the next Meditation.

The St. James Music Press website contains many appropriate choral works for this liturgy and many resources for finding music that will appropriately and poignantly work within the course of the liturgy. Of course, you may substitute your own choices.

You can download the entire text as a WORD document by clicking on the EXTRAS (ZIP) file here.

Music Suggestions (2 Part, SAB, and SATB)

Prelude Music
O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded  —  Evelyn Larter (Violin, Organ)
Three Lenten Preludes for Organ — Robert Lehman

Into the Woods My Master Went — Richard Shephard (2 Part, Organ)
Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts — Raymond Weidner (SAB, Organ)
The Heavenly Word — June Nixon (SATB, Organ)

Meditation I
Hear My Prayer, O God — James Kent (2 Part, Organ)
What Wondrous Love Is This — Geoff Weaver (SAB, Organ)
Wondrous Love — Carson Cooman (SATB, Piano)
Adoramus Te — Thomas Pavlechko (SATB, Opt. Organ)

Meditation II
His Moste Holy Lyfe — Carlton Russell (2 Part, Organ)
Nolo Mortem Peccatoris — Thomas Morley (SAB)
Drop, Drop Slow Tears — Roland E. Martin (SATB, Organ)

Meditation III
The Lord's My Light — Henry Ruthven (2 Part, Organ)
Eternal Light — Mark Schweizer (SAB)
O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts — Allen Orton Gibbs (SATB)
Truly the Light Is Sweet — Carson Cooman (SATB, Organ)

Meditation IV
The Simplest and the Best — Alfred Fedak (2 Part, Keyboard) also available in SATB
Hosanna! Hosanna! — Antonio Caldara (SAB, Organ)
When Jesus Left His Father's Throne — Richard Shephard (SATB, Organ)

Meditation V
Lamb of God Most Holy — Robert Pearsall (2 Part, Organ)
O Lamb of God — Richard Shephard (SAB, Organ)
Ah, Holy Jesus — William Roger Price (2-Part or SATB, Organ)

Meditation VI
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross — Richard Shephard (2 Part, Organ)
Beautiful Savior — Robert Lee (SAB and Organ)
O Lamb of God Most Holy — Sandra Gay (SATB, Organ)
Two Short Anthems for Holy Week (Crux fidelis) — Robert Lehman (SATB)

Meditation VII
At the Name of Jesus — James Kirkby  (2 Part, Organ) also available as SAB
It Is a Thing Most Wonderful — George Bayley (2-Part, Cello)
My Song Is Love Unknown — Mark Schweizer (SAB, Organ, Violin)
Let the Same Mind be in You — Thomas Pavlechko ) SATB and Organ)



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