He is Risen Top Pick


Who doesn't like brass on Easter? We have some really GREAT hymn arrangements for brass quintet and organ, but some folks don't have a full compliment of players. So here is a sample of our Hymns Made Fancy series, arrangements and descants that work  - whatever your forces!

Brass quartet with Optional Horn in F - All parts are included on two pages (per hymn). 

  • C Descant
  • Bb Descant
  • Bb Trumpet Parts (Soprano and Alto lines)
  • Trombone Countermelody
  • Organ/Trombone Parts
  • Opt. Horn Parts (Alto, Tenor, and Countermelody)

Suggested use

Introduction: organ or brass or both
Verse One: 4 part brass and organ (SATB)
Verse Two: organ + trombone or horn countermelody
Verse Three: organ alone or with descant or brass alone
Verse Four: organ, descant + STB brass
        OR descant + countermelody +SB
        OR everything, if you have enough players.

Or, whatever you like! There are plenty of options and all parts work together.

Note that this is only a sample of one of our treatments!  The rest can be found here.