Now Let Us From This Table Rise

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Instrumental Only?
SATB and organ. Text by Fred Kaan. Notes: Simplicity is the key to this piece to allow the words to speak and to create a calm and prayerful atmosphere. In the opening soprano verse, which could be a solo, make sure the word ‘die’ is sung to an ‘ah’ vowel. Experienced singers could slightly diminuendo on the note to paint the word. At bar 3, in the alto and tenor duet, tenors should be careful not to over sing on ‘Christ’ but blend with the altos. Similarly, in verse four all singers should not force the top note but move through the phrase to the word ‘joy’. Now let us from this table rise Renewed in body, mind, and soul; With Christ we die and rise again, His selfless love has made us whole. With minds alert upheld by grace to spread the word in speech and deed We follow in the steps of Christ At one with all in hope and need. To fill each human house with love It is the sacrament of care The work that Christ began to do We humbly pledge ourselves to share. Then grant us grace, Companion-God to choose again the pilgrim way, And help us to accept with joy the challenge of tomorrow's day.