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Title Composer Voicing(s) Preview
I Sing of a Maiden Robert W. Lehman 2-part find_in_page
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds Vernon Hoyle SATB find_in_page
What Wondrous Love Is This John S. Dixon Unison find_in_page
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Ps. 121) Ian Higginson SATB find_in_page
Jesus Shall Reign Rachel Aarons 2-part mixed, 2-part find_in_page
"National Hymn" for Brass Mark Schweizer Hymn Arr. find_in_page
Tuba Tune Robert J. Powell Organ find_in_page
Sing Praise to God on High (Ps. 98) Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni SATB find_in_page
People, Clap Your Hands! (Ps. 47) Robert J. Powell SATB find_in_page
The Best of Rooms Robert W. Lehman SAB find_in_page
From All the Earth Send Up the Song (Ps. 100) Robert J. Weaver SATB find_in_page
All Manner of Thing Sarah MacDonald 2-part, Children's Choir find_in_page
Fugue for Bells John S. Dixon 5 Oct. Handbells find_in_page
Fanfare on "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" Don Michael Dicie Organ find_in_page
Awake Up, My Glory (Ps. 57) Michael Wise SAB find_in_page
Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Robert E. Lee 2-part, Children's Choir find_in_page
The Christ Church Responses Robert J. Powell SATB find_in_page
O Gracious Light Henry Gerike SATB find_in_page
For the Beauty of the Earth Mark Schweizer SATB find_in_page
Solemn Melody John S. Dixon 3 Oct. Handbells find_in_page
O Thou Who Camest From Above Robert J. Powell SATB find_in_page
14 Hymns of Praise Made Fancy the SJMP editors Hymn Arr. find_in_page
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Ps. 23) Carlton T. Russell SAB find_in_page
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (Ps. 23) Charles Dupree SATB find_in_page
Laudate Nomen Domini Christopher Tye SATB, SAB find_in_page