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Canons and Crotchets (1999)

Canons and Crotchets - Artwork

crotchet - a snooty English quarter-note, not to be confused with a minim or a quaver.

Some of you may know the work of Richard Shephard. An English composer with works in all the major catalogs, Richard is the Sub-Chamberlain of York Minster and the Minster's Director of Development. His anthems have become standard repertoire in cathedrals all over the world. Richard has turned his talents to a special book for St. James Music Press. Canons & Crotchets is music for those directors and choirs who love the sound and style of traditional English church music written with smaller choirs in mind. Some of these pieces were written for Richard's choir at the Minster School, some are two-part arrangements of larger anthems, some were written just for this project — all are lovely. The difficulty level varies from moderately easy to moderately difficult, but unlike much of the two-part music published today, all are worth the effort taken to learn and perfect them. Whether you have a small choir or would just like to keep these handy as "Snow Anthems" for those Sundays when your entire choir goes on vacation on the same weekend, you will find this book will more than pay for itself in usefulness as well as savings over the years.

List of Music in Canons and Crotchets


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