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Here are some of the musical offerings that have appeared in Mark Schweizer's Liturgical Mysteries over the years. You are free to download these and use them as you will.

  • The Pirate Eucharist (the "Clown Eucharist" taken to its logical conclusion...) 
  • Missa di Poli Woli Doodle (just the Kyrie) 
  • The Weasel Cantata (the only musical treatment of the dietary laws of Leviticus)
  • The Banjo Kyrie ('nuff said)
  • First Timothy (Let your women keep silence in church...)
  • Elisha and the Two Bears (the unknown cantata by Henry Purcell )
  • The Mouldy Cheese Madrigal (How often do you get a chance to rhyme "Holy Jesus" with "mouldy cheeses?"

This link will take you to the Liturgical Mystery site where you can listen/download these liturgical gems!

By the way, if you have missed these books, you should buy them immediately!


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