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Here are our NEW additions to the catalog.

Added on September 10, 2013

Simple Gifts - SAB and SATB - Robert Lehman
Two lovely a cappella settings of this Shaker song.

O Lord, Support Us - Carlton Russell
SATB and Organ. Text by George W. Douglas (from a sermon by John Henry Newman).

Added on September 3, 2013

Christmas Hath a Darkness - Arlen Clarke
SATB Choir and Organ. Optional solo and descant.

The Stars Looked Down - Mark Schweizer
Solo (High Voice) and Harp or Keyboard.

Quiet Praise - Dan Edwards
Grade 1 for 2 or 3 Octave Handbell Choir.

Missus est Gabriel angelus - Josquin des Prez
SATB Choir. Early Renaissance, in Latin.

Added on August 25, 2013

In the Stillness - Arlen Clarke
SAB and Organ. A beautiful tune with a "darkness to light" message.

In The Beginning Was The Word - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB and Organ with soprano/tenor solo (optional brass quintet). A wonderful setting of John 1:1-14, 29.

The Lord Hath Been Mindful - S.S. Wesley
SAB Choir and Organ. This is the last section of the larger work Ascribe Unto the Lord and very reminiscent of Mendelssohn.

Added August 15, 2013

O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem - Thomas Tomkins
SATB setting from the SSTB original. Text from Psalm 122:6.

Canticle of Thanksgiving - Mark Schweizer
SAB or SATB Choir and organ. A joyful anthem incorporating "Now Thank We All Our God."

Litany of Thanksgiving - Martha Burford
Three part women, men, and congregation -  accompanied by keyboard, handbells, and various percussion instruments. A great piece for a festival Thanksgiving service and fairly easy to put together.

My Eyes for Beauty Pine - Richard Shephard
SATB Choir, optional accompaniment. A charming strophic motet that will be enjoyed any time of year.

Added August 6, 2013

O Salutaris Hostia - Thomas Pavlechko
SATB Choir and optional organ. In Latin. A mystical and delicious setting .

O Love! O Life! - Stephan Casurella
SATB Choir and Organ. A beautifully crafted anthem in a typically English style. Not difficult and especially effective.

O Come, Ye Servants of the Lord - Christopher Tye/Thoburn
SAB a cappella with optional accompaniment. A short and easy anthem or introit.

I Am the Resurrection - Gallus Dressler
SATB with optional organ and/or trumpet. Originally for unaccompanied choir, we've added an easy accompaniment and/or trumpet part.

Added on August 1, 2013

The Wexford Carol - Don Dicie
Two-Part (women/men) and organ or c-instrument. A delicious and ethereal setting of the famous carol with a haunting, Celtic feel.

The Glory of These Forty Days - Josquin des Prez
SATB. An early Renaissance gem.

God Be In My Head - John S. Dixon
SATB. Delightful — fresh and engaging and not too difficult.

Lord, Grant Us Your Peace - Carlton Young
SATB and Keyboard. Fresh and interesting with a slightly jazzy feel.

Behold, the Sower! - Crawford Thoburn
SAB choir and Organ (or Piano). This rollicking early American tune is great fun to sing and will make your small choir sound great!

Added on July 20, 2013

The Sussex Carol - Fraser Wilson
SATB Choir and Drum. A wonderful, fresh, and exciting setting of the old English carol.

Love Came Down at Christmas - Daniel Gawthrop
SATB and Organ. Easy and accessible to smaller choirs, larger groups will like it just as well.

Sing Noël - Louis-Claude Daquin/Mark Schweizer
SATB and Organ. Four of the variations of Noël "Grand Jeu et Duo frame four verses sung by the choir.

A Great and Mighty Wonder - Praetorious/Vulpius
SATB - Es is ein Ros with the alternate words and the beautiful 3 or 4 part canon on the second stanza written by Praetorius' contemporary Melchior Vulpius.

Hymn To Saint Joseph - Vernon Hoyle
SATB and Organ. A Vespers Hymn for the Solemnity of Saint Joseph.

Added on July 14, 2013

Durham Mass - Daniel E. Gawthrop
Congregation, SATB, Organ (opt. Brass)

The Spirit of the Lord God Is Upon Me - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB and Organ

O Praise the Lord - Adrian Batten/arr. Crawdord Thoburn

Two Voluntaires for Organ - Paul F. Page

Added on July 6, 2013

O Sing Joyfully - Adrian Batten/arr. Crawdord Thoburn
SAB Choir

O bone Jesu - Arlen Clarke
SATB Choir

O Clap Your Hands - Ralph Vaughan Williams
SATB Choir and Organ (optional Brass)

Claremont: Arise, and Hail the Sacred Day - William Billings/arr. Thomas Gibbs
SATB Choir

Triptych on "All Creatures of Our God and King" - J. William Greene

Added on July 1, 2013

Who May Abide - Henry Ruthven
SAB Choir and Organ.

Carol of Beauty - Dennis Kraus
SATB and keyboard (organ).

If Ye Love Me - Taillis/arr. Thoburn
SAB Choir - From our ongoing collection: Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir.

I Hear Music in the Air - Carl MaultsBy
SSA and Organ.

Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts - Raymond Weidner
For SAB Choir (optional Tenor) and Keyboard.

Added on May 16, 2013

Just as a Father - Luigi Cherubini, arr. Kirkby
For three-part equal voices and organ or piano.

Variants on the Tune "Es Flog Ein Kleins Waldvögelein" - Raymond H. Haan
Four variations for Organ.

Carol of the Hen - William Allen Pasch
SATB with Oboe and percussion accompaniment (opt. organ)

O Food to Pilgrims Given - Heinrich Isaac
SATB with organ. 2nd verse in canon.

Added on April 10, 2013

Holy Spirit, Gentle Dove - Steven Curtis Lance
SAB and piano or organ with text by the composer: A tender and moving prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Postlude on the Tune "Laudate Dominum" - Raymon H. Haan
For Organ. A short postlude on the great tune by C.H.H. Parry (O Praise Ye the Lord).  

Added on March 31, 2013

JLM - Bradley Phillips
SAB with optional tenor. We published this way back in 1996, but we haven't had it in our catalog for a long while. It is a gem!

If Tongues of Men and Angels Sing - Mark Schweizer
SATB and Organ. A metrical setting of the Love Chapter (1 Corinthians 13).

Prelude on the Tune "Terra Beata" - Raymond H. Haan
A pastorale for organ on the tune Terra Beata (This Is My Father's World).

Added on March 7, 2013

Know That God Loves You - Carson Cooman
SATB Unaccompanied. A gentle, beautiful, and reassuring miniature speaking to the love of God. An eight measure SATB antiphon followed by two short unison chants.

Love Is But My Answer - Carlton T. Russell
SATB and Organ. A lovely, easy little anthem that works well anytime but especially during a service of confession and assurance.

Blessed Be the God and Father - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB and Organ. Setting of the text from 1 Peter 1:3-4. Fairly easy and great for any Sunday during the Easter Season.

Added on February 12, 2013

He Is Risen - Unser Herrscher - arr. Mark Schweizer
For Brass quintet and Organ. What a splash on Easter morning!

Prelude and Fugue on "Easter Hymn" - Richard White
for Organ

Prelude and Fugue on "Valet will ich dir geben"- Richard White
for Organ

Postlude on "In Dir Ist Freude" - Raymond Haan
for Organ

Added on February 7, 2013

O Sons and Daughters - Martha Jones Burford
For Two-Part Choir, Various Instruments. A setting of the 17th century French tune, Filii et Filiae driven by an easy ostinato. As mystical as it gets! (and almost downright spooky.)

I Cannot Dance, O Love - Carlton T. Russell
SATB and Keyboard. An uplifting, jubilant (and slightly syncopated) anthem that echos the joyfulness of the text.

A Wreath - Arlen Clarke
SATB and Organ. A simple and absolutely beautiful anthem for communion, general use, or anytime when humble praise is the focus of the service.

I Will Not Leave You Comfortless - William Byrd
SATB Choir. Two minutes of Renaissance bliss — employing wonderful imitation between the voices as well as having interior and terminal Alleluias. Originally for five voices, (AATTB), this is an arrangement for SATB retaining the all harmonic complexity and beauty of the original.

This Joyful Eastertide - Evelyn Larter
This setting of of the hymn tune Vreuchten, features the second stanza in a minor key, then a triumphant return to the original with a soaring descant for the sopranos.

Added on January 10, 2013

All You Who Abide - Arlen Clarke
SATB and Organ. SATB and Organ. A marvelous, hauntingly beautiful setting of a chant tune by Peter Abelard.

The Best of Rooms - Peter Mathews
SATB Choir and Organ. This easy and beautiful setting of Robert Herrick's (1591-1674) poem is useful anytime of year.

Added on Dec. 30, 2012

Nolo Mortem Peccatoris - Thomas Morley
SAB arrangement. From Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir.

Lord, For Thy Tender Mercy's Sake - Richard Farrant
SAB arrangement. From Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir.

Let Thy Merciful Ears, O Lord - Thomas Mudd
SAB arrangement. From Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir.

Hide Not Thou Thy Face From Us - Richard Farrant
SAB arrangement. From Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir.

Haste Thee, O God  - Adrian Batten
SAB arrangement. From Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir.

Ave Verum - Kevin Clarke
For two-part choir (trebles or children) and organ. A very easy setting, perfect for communion anytime and especially during Lent.

Behold the Savior of Mankind - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB Choir and Organ. A short, contemplative anthem that is perfect for a communion anytime during Lent.

Chorale for Bells - J.W. Franck
A beautiful and easy piece for 3 Octave Bells. Level 2.

Come to the Feast - Parker Ramsay
SATB Choir and Organ. This is a great little anthem for Easter communion.

God Be In My Head - Fraser Wilson
SATB - some divisi - a cappella (optional organ). Text is the famous prayer from the Sarum Primer.

Prelude and Fugue on "Ratisbon" - Richard White
For Organ - Prelude and Fugue based on the hymn tune Ratisbon.

Added on Dec. 7, 2012

Say, Where Is He? - Felix Mendelssohn
Tenor, Baritone, Bass, and Organ. From Mendelssohn's unfinished oratorio Christus. What a great piece for men's trio or men's chorus! Mendelssohn at his best.

Added on Nov. 20, 2012

Love Is All Our Joy - arr. Malcolm Archer
For Unison or Two-Part Choir and keyboard with optional C-Instrument. Tune: Greensleves. Text from Colossians 3:12-17. Easy!

Added on October 19, 2012

The World's Desire - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB Choir, solo, and celesta - or piano up an octave. (The celesta part can easily be done on an electronic keyboard). Text by G.K. Chesterton. A marvelous setting of this poem, perfect for anytime during the Christmas season, and even into Epiphany.

Sing We Now of Christmas - Mark Schweizer
SATB Choir (some easy soprano and alto divisi that can be done by solo voices) and percussion (hand drum, tambourine, finger cymbals). This is a neat setting of Noel Nouvelet. Angels, shepherds, wise men, finger cymbals ... what more could you ask for? Mark revised his Easter setting of this tune to make it just right for Christmas/Epiphany.

Added on Sept. 24, 2012

Prelude and Fugue on "Simple Gifts" - Richard White
For Organ - Prelude and Fugue based on the hymn tune Simple Gifts.

Now Let Us All Right Merry Be - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB Choir a cappella. A great Christmas piece in the madrigal tradition with a lovely third contrasting stanza. Perfect for a Lessons and Carols service!

Added on Sept. 16, 2012

Trust In The Lord - Daniel Gawthrop
For SATB Choir (some divisi) a cappella. Proverbs 3. This is a sumptuous setting of this adaptation of the text by Jane Griner.

Suddenly there was with the angels - Melchior Vulpius, arr. Jim Stanley
SATB Choir - a cappella or doubled with instruments. (C instrument parts provided). This is a wonderful (and mostly unknown) Renaissance setting with a lot of imitation in the voices making it easy to learn and to sing.

Star In The East - Frank Pesci
SATB Choir and Organ. Frank has given us a marvelous treatment of this rugged American tune that highlights Reginal Heber's famous text. This will be a favorite with your choir for years to come.

The Wexford Carol - Larry L. Finke
SATB Choir, C-Instrument, and Keyboard. A fabulous and effective setting of the hauntingly beautiful tune, with the obbligato instrument echoing snippets of other carols at the end of the piece for a great effect.

Blessed Is The Nation - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB Choir and Organ or Piano. A perfect Thanksgiving or Harvest anthem, but also great for July 4, Memorial Day and other national days.

Added on Sept. 4, 2012

Advent Hymn - Kenton Coe
SATB Choir and Organ (optional soprano, alto and baritone solos). A setting of Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus utilyzing the tune Stuttgart.

Gaudent in Coelis - Richard Dering
Two-Part Treble Choir and Organ. Great for Children's Choirs as well. A delightful piece for All Saints Day or All Saints Sunday.

I Will Magnify Thee - Joseph Corfe
Two-Part Treble Choir (or Children's Choir) and Organ. Also a wonderful duet. A delightful little piece for seasonal or general use.

Constant Christmas - Mrs. H.H.A. Beach
SATB and Organ with solos for your soprano, alto and tenor. Written in 1921 this piece is unabashedly romantic, but uncharacteristically restrained (for Amy!)

Added on August 23, 2012

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus - Daniel Gawthrop
SSATB Choir a cappella. Here's a new Advent motet by Dan Gawthrop that puts the "lush" in "luscious!"

And This I Pray - Daniel Gawthrop
SAB and Organ or Piano. An easy, effective, and lovely setting of this text from Philippians 1:9-11.

Prelude and Fugue on Nun komm der Heiden Heiland - Richard White
For Organ

Prelude and Fugue on St. Thomas - Richard White
For Organ

Added on Aug. 13-16, 2012

The Complete Viva Voce Curriculum for 2012.
For Children's Choirs K-2 and 3-6.

Magnificat and Nunc dimittis - Sarah MacDonald
Two-Part Treble Voices and Organ. A new setting by the director of the Ely Cathedral Girl's Choir and Coordinator of Organ Studies at Cambridge.

Anthem at the Breaking of the Bread - Tom Gibbs
For Cantor and Congregation - for use during communion at the Breaking of the Bread (a Fraction Anthem).

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella - Mark Schweizer
An easy and fetching arrangement of the familiar French carol Un flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle.

Added on Aug. 6, 2012

Love Came Down at Christmas - Crawford R. Thoburn
SATB Choir - unaccompanied or lightly accompanied. Short enough for an introit, long enough for a little anthem, just right for Christmas communion.

Christmas Joy - Mark Schweizer, arr. David Jansen
A perfect piece for the Second Sunday of Christmas or the First Sunday after the Epiphany (The Baptism of Christ). Based on Howard Thurman's wonderful poem, and arranged for SATB choir by David Jansen, this is an easy and very effective anthem incorporating the Epiphany tune Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern in the accompaniment.

Where Once There Lay Dragons - Kenton Coe
For SATB Choir (some divisi) and Organ or Piano. Just a GREAT setting of this text by Carol McClure on Isaiah 35:1-10. It's not often you get dragons in your scripture text (granted, it's the KJV), but when you do, take advantage of them!

Added on July 31, 2012

O Be Joyful! - Martha Jones Burford
For Congregation, Choir, Keyboard, Percussion and Handbells. This is a FUN setting of Psalm 100 that your congregation will love!

Added on July 27, 2012

Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming - arr. Mark Schweizer
Mixed Voices a cappella. A beautiful, fresh, and lush setting of Es ist ein' Ros. Not too difficult. (The alto line quotes Divinum Mysterium.) This arrangement also works wonderfully well as a three part women's piece - just sing the top three parts!

Holy Child, Blessed Child - Thomas Pavlechko
For Two-Part choir (men/women) or duet. Medium ranges. Combines an original lullaby text with There's A Song in the Air to a new tune.

Hark, What Good News - Crawford R. Thoburn
SAB Choir and Keyboard. An elegant setting of a German tune. Easy and great for the First Sunday after Christmas when you don't necessarily want a familiar Christmas carol, but the message is the same.

Mass for St. Philip's - William Bradley Roberts
For Congregation, SATB Choir, and Organ. Rite II. Lord, Have Mercy (three and nine-fold); Gloria Susanni, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord; Alleluia, Christ, Our Passover (Lenten version). Beautiful service, suitable for anytime, but with Lenten options. Long one of SJMP's most popular settings, Bill has added a Gloria to this service.

Watchman, Tell Us of the Night - Crawford R. Thoburn
SATB and organ or piano. An arrangement of the Lowell Mason tune with words by John Bowring. Question/Reply verses point out the the sym­bol­ism of the lone­ly tra­vel­er mak­ing his way to the one who sheds light on a dark world.

Added on July 19, 2012

To Abraham the Promise Came - Allen Orton Gibbs
Two-Part Equal Treble Voices (Or Children's Choir), and baritone, ideally a cappella. A rustic and lively setting of the sturdy Early American tune that works wonderfully well in canon in an arrangement that doesn't take off into really difficult territory or divide into multiple parts. This is an easy anthem with a fresh (although 19th century) text.

Blessed Be That Maid Marie - arr. Crawford Thoburn
SATB Choir. This tasty setting of one of our favorite carols will quickly become one of your choir's favorites as well.

Transfiguration - Mark Schweizer
SAB Choir and Organ - Also included Two-Part Choir and Organ. A setting of the Transfiguration text. Mark 9:2-4, 7. Mystical, transcendental, and (dare we say it...) transfiguratory!

The Linden Tree - Crawford Thoburn
For SAB Choir and Organ. A lovely and charming setting of a German Carol. Great for Advent, Christmas, or the Annunciation.

Added on July 15, 2012

Source and Fount of All Creation - Robert Benson
SATB and Organ.  This stirring tribute to the winning love of God and reconciliation with humanity has been set in four-parts with a soaring descant by Robert Benson in the quintessential high-Anglican style.

O Star of Morning - Randy Cox/Don Michael Dice
For SATB Choir, Violin and Oboe (or other C Instrument). This stark, haunting tune and text are perfect for any Advent service.

Behold the Lightener of the Stars - Ryan Garber
For SATB and Organ. An ecstatic choral piece set to one of the texts from the Carmina Gadelica - a collection of folk poetry from the Western Isles of Scotland.

Great and Marvelous - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB Choir and Organ. An exuberant anthem in the English 20th century tradition.

Three Short Voluntaires for Organ (Manuals) - Paul F. Page

Added on July 9, 2012

Savior, Teach Me Day by Day - Raymond Weidner
SATB and Organ. This elegant little anthem is reminiscent of a Bach setting, with an easy chorale setting for the voices and nice interludes for the organ. Easily learned and just delightful!

Thou Wast, O God - Tallis/arr. Arlen Clarke
SATB, Organ and Opt. Cello. The music is the famous "Third Tune" from Archbishop Parker's Psalter (the theme from Vaughan Williams' Tallis Fantasia).

Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! - Raymond H. Haan
SATB Choir and Organ or piano. This anthem has a lovely Baroque feel to it and is perfect for anytime of year when Praise is the theme.

Create a Pure Heart in Me - Susan Matsui
SAB Choir and Organ. EASY! A beautiful, unexpected tune with a lovely SAB (optional a cappella) stanza at the end.

O Gladsome Light - Raymond Weidner
SATB with optional accompaniment. An easy motet that can be used for not only the evening service (vespers, evensong, etc.), but also includes an alternate text that allows for morning worship as well.

Added on July 2, 2012

All Blessings Flow - Andrew Mills
A fresh new setting of the Doxology for SATB choir. Beginning with the Old 100th tune in unison, this piece moves through two more original stanzas.

Grieve Not the Holy Spirit of God - Philip Young
SATB and Organ. A gentle and immensely satisfying setting of this text from Ephesians 4:30-32. Especially appropriate in troubling times, this is an anthem that you'll want to do again and again.

Eternal Father, Eternal Love - Allen Orton Gibbs
SATB Choir, Solo (S), and Organ. A great anthem for any occasion.

Wondrous Love - Carson Cooman
For SATB Choir and Piano (but could be done on organ). An extrodinary setting of the Early American hymn tune found in Willam Walker's Southern Harmony.

With Your Lives Adore Him - Robert J. Powell
SATB and Organ. A lovely piece, easily learned. A great harvest text good for anytime in the fall, but especially around Thanksgiving.

Added on May 30, 2012

All Is Summer - arr. Susan Matsui

Three part women (a cappella) singing this Shaker Vision Song is like a breath of coolness on a summer day. The harmonization and second stanza are by Susan. Your sopranos and altos will love this!

Christ, the Vine
- Robert J. Powell   

SATB and Organ. A lovely piece with a great message suitable for anytime of year.

There's A Wideness In God's Mercy
- Don Michael Dicie

For three equal or mixed voices and keyboard. Easy and effective, Don gives us this delightful tune to the well-known text.

To His Garden
- Susan Matsui

SATB and Keyboard. An easy arrangement of this little-known tune from Kentucky Harmony. Rich with imagery, this anthem is perfect for summer choirs.

Added on May 1, 2012

Walk Humbly With God - Daniel Gawthrop
SAB choir (unaccompanied). Here is a lovely little motet on the familiar text: Micah 6:8. Not too difficult, and one of those pieces your choir will love singing. Perfect for any service where justice and forgiveness are the theme.

The Lord's Shade - Jim Stanley
SATB, Flute (or other C instrument) and Organ. Jim Stanley sets a tune that is at once new, yet familiar.

Adoration - G.F. Handel
This lovely aria (Lascia ch'io pianga) from Rinaldo has been arranged for Two-Octave Handbells all in the treble clef. 16 bells (with an optional 17th on the last note). An easy Level 2. In three sections, this piece can be shortened by leaving out either the B or C sections.

Added on April 16, 2012

O Come Thou Sweet Redeeming Fire - Daniel Gawthrop
For SATB choir, unaccompanied. This beautiful anthem with an original text by poet Jane Griner is suitable for general use, although references to "redeeming fire" makes it wonderfully useful at Pentecost.

Added on April 9, 2012

The Breath of God - Mark Schweizer
For SAB Choir (or trio) with a few added notes if you have some extra voices, random handbells, and recorded wind. Oh my!


Come, Holy Spirit - Allen Orton Gibbs

SATB, Organ, and C Instrument (flute, violin, or recorder). This is a lovely, gentle setting with hints of Adoro te devote worked into an elegant choral piece. Originally published by Augsburg, but has been out of print for a few years.


How Great Is the Goodness of God Almighty - Robert J. Greene
For SATB and Organ or Piano. A lovely tune with a great message. Not difficult.


Sarabande for Bells - Henry Purcell, arr.
For 3 Octave Handbells. Level 3. This lovely little Sarabande (dance in triple meter) can altered by changing bells for tone chimes, and adding or leaving out sections.


The Little Organ Mass - Franz Joseph Haydn
Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo
for SATB Choir, Soprano Solo (Benedictus), Organ, 2 Violins and Cello/Bass. Written in 1775, this is one of Haydn's most charming small-scale settings, and with its emphasis on accessibility, brevity, and practicality, it was much admired during his lifetime and thereafter.


How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place - Carson Cooman

SATB Unaccompanied. Carson has given us an absolutely beautiful motet  — rich, lush harmonies coupled with his masterful word setting all add up to an anthem that will leave your congregation breathless.

Added on Feb. 29, 2012

Christ our Passover - Will C. Macfarlane, arr. Thomas Gibbs
For SATB Choir, Optional Brass Quartet or Quintet, Timpani, and Organ. This anthem for Easter dates from 1906, and it makes a big, festive splash — if you have the forces to do it, you won't be disappointed.

O Praise Ye the Lord - C.H.H. Parry, arr.
A Hymn Concertato on the tune Laudate Dominum. An edition for SATB choir and organ, as well as SATB choir, bass quintet and organ is included.

Joyful Peal - Michael Bedford
Here is an easy piece for just 8 handbells. (1 octave  - Four Ringers or Two Four-in-Hand Ringers). Perfect for beginning ringers or groups with just a few members.

Added on Feb. 10, 2012

Renew Me, O Eternal Light - David Ashley White
For SATB choir, organ, and optional flute or violin. This lovely (and familiar) tune is given a treatment by David that makes this text sing. The optional instrumental part is easy - as are the choir parts. A perfect anthem for Ash Wednesday or Lent (Psalm 51: Create in me a clean heart)

A Gaelic Blessing - Roland E. Martin
SA (or two-part) Choir with Organ. A rich, calm, beautiful setting of a traditional Celtic benediction text. This is Ron's two-part adaptation of his very popular SSATB anthem.

How Very Good and Pleasant - Arlen Clarke
SAB and Organ. Hymn tune: Manx. An easy and effective anthem using a paraphrase of Psalm 133. First verse, unison; second verse in canon; third verse, three parts. Easily learned in one rehearsal. This is the Psalm for the Sunday after Easter this year (just in case many of your choir have left for Spring break!)

O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts - Allen Orten Gibbs
A beautiful setting (in English paraphrase) of the Latin hymn Jesu dulcis memoria, for SATB choir. A cappella, but can also be accompanied. A wonderful, gentle setting. This is a classic text, with many settings by composers, using a variety of translations from the Latin. The "light" reference suggests Epiphany, but it is a great piece for Lent. And consider this for your Maundy Thursday service. Adoramus te, Domine.

I Vow to Thee, My Country - James Kirkby
SATB choir and Organ. A great, easy, and incredibly stirring piece for a service in which a patriotic anthem is desired. Be ready for Memorial Day/Independence Day!

Sing Unto the Lord a New Song - Gary Lewis
SATB a cappella - although could also be done with light accompaniment. Gary has given us a new piece with a great Renaissance flavor reminiscent of Hassler's setting. Short enough for an introit that could be sung anytime of year, but could also be done as an anthem. Psalm 96.

Blest Be the God of Love - Arlen Clarke
SATB and Organ. A luscious setting of two stanzas from George Herbert's poem "Even-song." Short and elegant and lovely to sing as well as hear. A lovely Lenten text, but suitable for any occasion when "God's Love" is the theme of the service.

Added on Jan. 6, 2012

Wondrous Carillon - Mark Schweizer
For 3 octave handbells. Level 3. Includes the tunes Deo Gracias (O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair) and What Wondrous Love Is This. Engaging effects including an optional C3 - Singing Bell note.

A Song of Thanks to God - Franz Joseph Haydn
SATB and Keyboard - Haydn's Aus dem Dankliede zu Gott is number twelve of a set of thirteen part-songs dating from 1796. Its text is a stanza from a longer poem of Gellert. A wonderful piece, perfect for Lent (or anytime!)

Round Me Falls the Night - Adam Drese
SATB a cappella or accompanied. Here are three different harmonizations of this lovely tune by Baroque composer Adam Drese. The first stanza is harmonized by Samuel Sebastian Wesley, the second by Richard Shephard, and the third by J.S. Bach. Just a lovely piece for an evening service or during Lent.

Azmon Triptych - J. William Greene
Three movements based on the hymn tune "Azmon" (O For a Thousand Tongues). Though the movements (Trumpet Echoes~Arietta~Fanfare Dialogue) are usable separately, this triptych is long enough for a service prelude.  Nearly sight-readable, the style is generally light and playful, with the third movement exploiting two choruses in dialogue (or a solo reed and Great chorus).

Added on Nov. 28, 2011

Two Christmas Carol Medleys for congregational singing - If you sing multiple carols on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, a fellowship dinner, or any other Christmastide gathering, these may be just the thing. We've included several stanzas for each carol, but feel free to leave some out, put some in, or use your own hymnal. 

Set 1

  • Angels We Have Heard On High 
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  • O Come, All Ye Faithful (with descant)

Set 2

  • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  • The First Noel
  • Joy to the World

Added on November 17, 2011

Prelude and Fugue on Tempus Adest Floridum - Richard Shephard
Organ prelude and fugue on Tempus Adest Floridum (better known as "Good King Wenceslas.") Perfect for an Advent or Christmas prelude/postlude. We don't sing the carol much any more, but the tune is well known and easily recognizable in the fugue as it jumps from voice to voice. Great fun to play and to hear!

O Magnum Mysterium - William Byrd
A Renaissance classic for SATB choir. As the editor says: "Maybe the most beautiful four pages I know!" Tough to argue.

Die heiligen drei Könige aus Morgenland - Richard Strauss
For SATB choir and Organ. In German. Arranged from the lied - Opus 56, No. 6. This extended piece is fairly easy for the chorus, moderately difficult for the organ, but with a tremendous payoff. A wonderful surprise (and something totally different) for a Lessons and Carols service.

Hodie Christus Natus Est (Today Christ Is Born) - Erik Meyer
SATB and Organ. A very cool and interesting organ part - mystical and not difficult for the choir to learn. Short enough to be used as an introit, but also perfect for an anthem. Alternate English text for the first half (up until the Gloria in excelsis).

Added on November 1, 2011

I Sat Down Under His Shadow - Arlen Clarke
A beautiful and lush setting for SATB and organ of Song of Solomon 2:3-4. Although the verses don't appear in the lectionary, this anthem could easily work on the lectionary days when Solomon 2:8-13 are read. (Arise my love, my fair one, and come away.) Would also be just right for any communion/eucharistic service. Your choir will love it.

Simplified Anglican Chant - Thomas Pavlechko
Here are 57(!) Simplified Anglican Chants based on hymn tunes by Thom Pavlechko. Easy to sing and to teach. If your congregation doesn't sing the Psalms - this is a great way to start. Included is an introduction by William Bradley Roberts and easy directions for use.

The Grace - Richard Shephard
Setting for Two part choir (Women sing the Soprano line, Men sing the tenor line in canon), Three part-choir (S.A. and the tenor line [melody]), or SATB choir (as written). The PERFECT ending for a choir rehearsal or a service if you use a choral benediction. Easy and lovely.

Helmsley - Richard Shephard
Penultimate and final staza for Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending. Nice harmonizations and soaring descant for this favorite Advent hymn.

Sarabande - Johann Pezel/arr. Roland Martin
Here is one of the lovely sarabandes from Pezel's Five-part Wind (sometimes translated "brass") Music  for brass quintet and organ. It's short and sweet, and in this version for brass with organ, goes much easier on the brass players. This arrangement splits the work between the brass players and the organ and can be modified for a procession in any number of ways.

Added October 9, 2011

Antiphonal Praise - Michael Bedford
For Handbell Choir, Level 1 - nothing faster than a quarter note! A perfect piece for beginning choirs. Separate scores for 3, 4, and 5 octave handbell choirs.

May The Angels Lead You - Arlen Clarke
SATB and Organ. An English setting of the In Paradisum text and suitable for funeral services. Very easy. Arlen wrote this for St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville where he is the director of music. At St. Mary's, the choir sings this hymn at funerals as the recessional. Three stanzas, each the same, but a little louder than the one before; a descant on the last - and the effect is stunning. We've included an alternate text, but the original is found in both the Episcopal prayer book as well as in Lutheran services. Might also be used for an All Saints service.

Up! Good Christian Folk - arr. William Greene
A lovely SSA (or three other voices) arrangement of the familiar Christmas carol. May be done with or without handbells, but the handbell part (only 7 required) is easy and can be handled by tenors or basses with nothing to do. A women's trio singing this would be VERY nice indeed.

Added September 27, 2011

The Souls of the Righteous - Mark Schweizer
SAB Choir and organ. An atmospheric (and dare we say "spooky") setting of the text from Wisdom 3. Perfect for an All Souls or All Saints service. SAB and organ, but sounding much harder than it actually is. This is a sorter and easier version of the SATB anthem by the same name..

We All Believe - Robert J. Weaver/William Allen Pasch
This paraphrase of the Creed is set to a stirring and singable hymn tune (LEVERETT) by Robert J. Weaver. Can be done in unison (without descant); two-part (unison and descant), or SATB. There is also an optional (Bb) trumpet part and a congregational part (download the zip file for your bulletins) for the fourth stanza. Good any time of year, but especially on those Sundays where the Trinity is the focus.

Added September 21, 2011

Thou Visitest The Earth - Maurice Greene
For tenor (or soprano) solo, SATB choir and organ. A delightful piece of English church music in the late-Baroque Georgian style, this little gem is excerpted from Greene's larger verse anthem, Thou, O God, Art Praised in Sion. Perfect for Thanksgiving with a great harvest text.
Thou visitest the earth and blest it:
and crownest the year with thy goodness.

Dong, Dong! Merrily on High - Michael Bedford
For 2 Octave Handbell Choir. Level 3. Martellato effects accent this favorite carol. Running eighth notes abound, making this piece a fun workout for your 2 octave choir!

The First Noel/Silent Night - Michael Bedford
3-5 Octave Handbells and optional handchimes. Level 3. A charming and graceful pairing of these two Christmas carols. Chimes furnish the Silent Night tune over the handbells' The First Noel. If you don't have handchimes, never fear - there's a "handbell only" option.

Added September 14, 2011

Hail, the True and Only Savior (Ave Verum Corpus.) - Thomas Pavlechko
This one is for mixed Choir and Organ. If you have a larger choir and can do this anthem, we guarantee your choir will love it! (Yes... we guarantee it. See section C, subview 7, paragraph 14b of the "We guarantee your choir will love it" disclosure set forth in the International Congress of Church Musicians Bylaws and Fried Okra Recipes.) This is a luscious setting of the Ave Verum Corpus text. But, more than that, Thom and Mark have added an alternate English text that can be incorporated during Advent, Advent communion, or really anytime during the church year that your choir feels the need to refresh themselves and wallow in musical beauty. Learn it for Advent, the sing it again in Lent. English and Latin versions included. (Recorded in Latin) AND if you like this one, be sure to look at Thom's Panis Angelicus for another winner!

Added September 5, 2011

Adam Lay Ybounden - Martha Jones Burford
Okay - we admit it. We jes' love to find a new Adam Lay Ybounden setting. This one is for 2 to 4 part unison voices and IT IS COOL! Not only that, but it's EASY to put together. A wonderful canon that can be accompanied by (optional) hand drum or other percussion. Perfect for a Lessons and Carols service for any sized choir.

For Zion's Sake - Jennifer Stammers
For SATB choir and organ. This is a rousing (yes, rousing!) Advent anthem using a paraphrase of Isaiah 62:1-3. A beautiful (and easy) soprano solo introduces the middle section, bookended by a driving 6/8 tune that your choir will really enjoy singing. The text is also appointed for the First Sunday after Christmas (Year B).

Morning Has Broken - Michael Bedford
For 2 Octave Handbells - Level 2. Easy and effective. A lovely setting of this favorite hymn.

A Westminster Carillon - Michael Bedford
For 3-5 Octave Handbell Choir. Level 3. (With a nod to Louis Vierne!). This piece takes as its theme, the famous "Westminster Chime." Michael then takes the eight note motif and transforms it into a marvelous  - yes, dare we even say pulchritudinous - three and a half minute piece that your choir and congregation (or other audiences) will love.

An Evening Hymn - Henry Purcell
For SATB Choir and Organ. This is a choral version of Purcell's famous solo song. Could also be done with harpsichord and cello, or any basso continuo-type instrument. (We even included a cello part!)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis - Richard Shephard
The evening canticles for unison voices (opt. SATB Gloria Patri) with organ. A beautiful (and easy setting of the Evening Service) with traditional English text. Great for smaller choirs but bigger choirs shouldn't overlook this! i.e. Ladies sing the Magnificat (SATB or SA singing the Gloria Patri); Men sing the Nunc Dimittis. Or solos! Lots of possibilities. We've had this available for a while, but include it because Richard just added the SATB option for the Gloria making this setting well worth looking at again. If you're thinking about starting an Evensong service - this is a great way to start.

Added August 1, 2011

Jubilant Procession - G.F. Handel
For 2-octave handbells or 3-octave handbells (2 separate scores). Level 2. Handel-riffic! Easy, and great for your first handbell rehearsal of the year!

Seek Him That Made the Pleiades - Alan Lewis (Mixed choir)
A lovely, short motet useful for an anthem or an introit - and especially nice for an evening service. For mixed choir (a cappella). Text from Amos 5:8. Sung and recorded at the 2011 Sewanee Church Music Conference.

In God's Own House - Robert J. Powell (SAB Choir and Organ)
This delightful setting has a great accompaniment, and can be put together in just a few rehearsals. Text - paraphrase of Psalm 150 by Isaac Watts.

Simplified Anglican Chants - William Bradley Roberts
Based on hymn tunes, here are 24 Simplified Anglican Chants, 5 (regular) Anglican Chants, and an Anglican Chant in Jazz Style with Black Gospel Hallelujah (fun!) including directions for use.


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