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Richard Shephard Advent Carol

Keyboard [organ/piano], Organ
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So, You Have a Cathedral Choir!
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From our archives. SATB Choir and Organ. Text by Mary Holtby, describing both the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth and the ministry of John the Baptist. Warm and lush in a lyrical 6/8. Perfect for your Advent or Christmas Lessons and Carols service as well.

So Mary lost her fear, and rose
Rejoicing in her Son;
His presence guides her as she goes
Across the hills alone. For as she climbs, they bow their heads
And all the wastelands bloom.
The valleys rising where she treads,
To greet the Child to come.

When Mary met Elizabeth, She saw the barren blessed;
The Spirit’s life-creating breath
Again made manifest:
As Gabriel hailed her full of grace
So, hidden in the womb,
Christ’s herald leaps at their embrace
And greets the Child to come.

The man who stood on Jordan’s shore
To prophesy and warn;
Once rose in secret to adore
The Lamb of God unborn.
Still in the wilderness he cries,
But first, unseen and dumb,
He taught our voiceless hearts to rise
And greet the Child to come.


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