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Susan Matsui All is Summer

Unaccompanied [a cappella]
Original Publication
Easy Anthems for Summer Choirs
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A great song for the summer season when the choir is low. Three part women (a cappella) singing this Shaker Vision Song is like a breath of coolness on a summer day. The harmonization and second stanza are by Susan. Your sopranos and altos will love this!

High o'er the billows we are wafted along,
Angel wing carry us;
Not one ripple to break on our song,
All is peace before us.
All is concert, all is summer,
while to heaven we are going;
But in the desert we're leaving behind,
The wint'ry winds are blowing.

Come, let us journey now as children of light,
In the Lord's righteousness,
Shadows fall away, Virtue is bright,
Justice, truth before us.
All illumined, when the light shines,
Makes the darkness fade unknowing;
Wake now, O Sleeper and rise from the dead
for Christ, His light, is showing.


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