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Kevin Clarke Ave Verum

Anthems, Communion Anthems
Keyboard [organ/piano]
2-part, Children's Choir
Suggested Uses(s)

For two-part choir (trebles or children) and organ. A very easy setting, perfect for communion anytime and especially during Lent.

English text:
Hail the true and only Savior,
Of the Virgin Mother born;
Sacrificed for our salvation,
bearing sorrow, suff'ring scorn.

On the cross, this gentle Savior
gave his life to ramsom all.
Perfect lamb and full atonement
saving us from Adam's fall.

O Jesus, sweetest,
O Jesus, dearest,
O Jesus, Holy Lord, have mercy on us.

Latin translation:

Hail, true Body,
born of the Virgin Mary,
who having truly suffered,
was sacrificed
on the cross for mankind,
whose pierced side
flowed with water and blood:
May it be for us a foretaste
[of the Heavenly banquet]
in the trial of death.
Oh dear Jesus, Oh merciful Jesus,
Oh Jesus, son of Mary,
have mercy on me. Amen.


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