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Jessica Nelson Blessed Be That Maid Mary

Unaccompanied [a cappella]
Original Publication
Music for The Three Kings
Moderately Easy
Suggested Uses(s)

For SATB Choir (some divisi). A really tasty setting of this ancient text. All the medieval flavor, and with a flourish!

Blessed be that maid Mary;
born He was of her body;
Very God ere time began,
born in time the Son of man.

Eia! Jesu hodie! Natus est de Virgine.

In the manger of an ass,
Jesus lay and lullèd was;
Born to die upon the Tree,
pro peccante homine.

Sweet and blissful was the song
changèd by the angel throng:
"Peace on Earth! Alleluia
in excelsis gloria."

Fare three kings from far-off land,
incense, gold, and myrrh in hand;
In Bethlehem the Babe they'll see,
Stelle ducti lumine.

Make we merry on this fest!
In quo Christus natus est;
On this Child I pray you call
to assoil and save us all.


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