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Mark Schweizer Christ Is Nigh

French Horn, Keyboard [organ/piano], Oboe, Violin(s)
Suggested Uses(s)

You'll feel the Highlands come to life in this great setting of an old modal Scottish tune in a proud 6/8. SATB with solo violin, horn, and organ. Oboe can substitute for the horn.  A Celtic hit with choirs and congregations!

Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding; “Christ is nigh,” it seems to say,
“Cast away the works of darkness, O ye children of the day.”
Wakened by the solemn warning Let the earthbound soul arise;
Christ, our Sun, all ill dispelling, Shines upon the morning skies.

He comes down like fragrant showers, raining on the fruitful earth,
Love and joy and hope, like flowers springing on his path to birth:
See before him on the mountains Peace, the valiant herald, go;
Righteousness, in flowing fountains, From the hills to valleys flow.

Kings and monarchs bow before him, Myrrh and gold and incense bring;
For all nations shall adore him, Laud and praise, their offering;
Unto him shall prayer unceasing, with our daily vows ascend;
His great kingdom still increasing, Kingdom that shall have no end.

Lo, the Lamb, so long expected, Comes with pardon down from Heav’n;
Let us haste, with tears of sorrow, One and all to be forgiven.
Honor, glory, might, and blessing Be to God: the Father, Son;
And the everlasting Spirit, While eternal ages run.


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