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Robert S. Cohen Come and Follow Me

Children's Music, Communion Anthems, Introits, Benedictions and Responses, Other Service Music
Keyboard [organ/piano]
Congregation, SATB, Unison
Suggested Uses(s)

A Gathering Song for Congregation, Choir, and Keyboard. Easy to sing, to teach to your congregation, with a great text and message. Perfect for summer, too. There is a congregational part for your bulletins found in the ZIP (EXTRAS) file.

Text by Ronald W. Cadmus

Follow, come and follow me,
Leave all that you have behind,
Follow, come and follow me,
All my blessings you will find.
Follow me, Follow me,
I’ll show you the way to Life,
Follow, let your heart believe,
That my peace will end your strife.

Follow, come and follow me,
See the miracles I do,
Follow, come and follow me,
Greater things I’ll do through you.
Follow me, Follow me,
Let your praise my Love proclaim,
Come, my true servants be,
Spread through all the world my name.

Follow, come and follow me,
Let my Spirit lead the way,
Follow, come and follow me,
To the Kingdom’s brand new day!
Follow me, Follow me,
Let my grace your soul renew,
Take my bread and receive,
My abundant life in you.


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