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Amy (Mrs. H.H.A.) Beach Constant Christmas

Keyboard [organ/piano]
SATB, Solo(s)
Suggested Uses(s)

SATB and Organ with solos for your soprano, alto and tenor. Written in 1921 this piece is unabashedly romantic, but uncharacteristically restrained (for Amy!) Poem by Phillip Brooks.

The sky can still remember
The earliest Christmas morn,
When in the cold December
The Savior, Christ, was born.

And still in darkness clouded,
And still in noonday light,
It feels its far depths crowded
With Angels fair and bright

No star unfolds its glory,
No trumpet wind is blown,
But tells the Christmas story
In music of its own.

No eager strife of mortals
In busy field or town
But sees the opened portals
Through which the Christ comes down.

O never-failing splendor!
O never-silent song!
Still keep the green earth tender,
Still keep the gray earth strong,

Still keep the brave earth dreaming
Of deeds that shall be done,
While children's lives come streaming
Like sunbeams from the sun.

O Angels sweet and splendid,
Throng in our hearts and sing
The wonders which attended
The coming of the King.

Till we too, boldly pressing
Where once the shepherds trod,
Climb Bethlehem's Hill of Blessing,
And find the Son of God.


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