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Johann Pachelbel Faith, Hope, and Love

David Ogden
Anthems, , RSCM Publications
C-Instrument, Flute(s), Keyboard [organ/piano], Violin(s)
2-part, Unison
Suggested Uses(s)

Unison or two-part (equal voices) choir and organ, with two optional flutes, violins, or other C-instruments. Text from the Roman Missal, including the anthems for the Footwashing on Maundy Thursday. The accompaniment quotes the famous Kanon passacaglia of Johann Pachelbel

Notes: Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major is often requested at weddings and is too long for the entrance or final processional as it needs time to establish itself. Here it is supporting the words of the ‘Ubi caritas’ - a hymn to love. The flute/violin parts are optional and the organ interludes can be interchanged if necessary as long as the structure of the piece is maintained. The piece can be performed by unison voices or by a two-part choir. The verses could be sung by soloists. The ‘Faith, hope and love’ refrain which begins and ends the piece should be sung by the full choir and possibly even by the congregation, although that depends on the musical skills of the particular congregation! However, the piece would work well during the Washing of the Feet on Maundy Thursday, where the congregation could feel a part of the action by joining with the singers in the refrain.

Faith, hope, and love: let these remain among you.
Faith, hope, and love: the greatest of these is love.

The love of Christ has gathered us together; let us rejoice and be glad in him.
Let us fear and love the living God, and love each other from the depths of the heart.

When we are together, we should not be divided in mind;
Let there be an end to bitterness and quarrels, and in our midst be Christ our God.

In company with the blessed, may we see your face in glory,
pure and unbounded joy for ever and ever.

I give you a new commandment, love one another as I have loved you.
Faith, hope, and love, let these remain among you.
Faith, hope and love; the greatest of these is love.


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