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Roland E. Martin Gabriel's Message Does Away

Keyboard [organ/piano]
Moderately Difficult
Suggested Uses(s)

SATB Choir and Organ. The anthem starts with the Latin antiphon Beata es Maria, then moves into a fabulous 7/8 dance that is just right for a resurrection celebration! The antiphon also makes this a great and joyful anthem for Advent.

Gabriel's message does away
Satan's curse and Satan's sway,
out of darkness brings our Day:

so, behold,
all the gates of heaven unfold.

He that comes despised shall reign;
he that cannot die, be slain;
death by death its death shall gain:

Weakness shall the strong confound;
by the hands, in grave clothes wound,
Adam's chains shall be unbound.

By the sword that was his own,
by that sword, and that alone,
shall Goliath be o'erthrown:

Art by art shall be assailed;
to the cross shall Life be nailed;
from the grave shall hope be hailed:

Beata es Maria quae credidisti: perficientur in te quae dicta sunt tibi a Domino. Alleluia.

[O Mary, blessed art thou that didst believe for there shall be a performance of those things which were told thee from the Lord. Alleluia.]


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