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Robert J. Greene How Great Is the Goodness of God Almighty

Keyboard [organ/piano]
Moderately Easy
Suggested Uses(s)

For SATB and Organ or Piano. A lovely tune with a great message. Not difficult.

Let all consider what God has given.
All that we have are gifts from God above.
The Lord has not forgotten us.
And we should not forget this love.

How great is the goodness of God almighty!
Is there anyone who has not known such goodness?
For all gifts come from God almighty.
All praise and honor belong to our Lord.

Oh grant  us  comfort in time of trouble;
Guide us, oh Lord, through joyful days,
For we would not forget your goodness;
With thankful hearts we sing your praise. long to our Lord.

O God, let your goodness and love be boundless;
Always remaining before our eyes.
O strengthen us with your great power.
So we may give back to you our lives.


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