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Johann Michael Bach In Dulci Jubilo

Organ Music
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For Organ. Easy and delightful! If you didn't learn this one as a little organ-nipper at your teacher's knee, now is the time to give it a try!

Notes: In the 1730s Johann Gottlieb Preller mentioned "di Bach" as the author of a choral prelude that he had copied from a manuscript, and so, in the nineteenth-century this piece was erroneously attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach and included into the catalog "Bachwerkeverzeichnis" as BWV 751. In the 1980s, however, this choral prelude was also found among the so-called "Neumeister Choraele" and thus the (already frequently doubted) authorship of Johann Sebastian definitely ruled out and Johann Michael Bach instead confirmed as its author. Johann Michael was the father-in-law of Johann Sebastian and served most of his professional life as an organist and town clerk in Gehren. The piece is composed in a pastoral manner and shows a jovial and playful character.


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