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Richard Shephard Into the Woods My Master Went

Anthems, Communion Anthems
Keyboard [organ/piano]
Original Publication
A Service of Passion Readings and Music
Suggested Uses(s)

Two-Part Choir and Organ (or Piano) on the well-loved poem by Sidney Lanier. A gentle and exquisite setting: easy, yet achingly beautiful. Perfect for use as an anthem or to sing during communion. Lent, Passion Sunday, or Holy Week.

Into the woods my Master went,
Clean forspent, forspent,
Into the woods my Master came,
Forspent with love and shame.
But the olives they were not blind to Him.
The little grey leaves were kind to Him,
The thorn tree had a mind to Him,
When into the woods He came.

Out of the woods my Master came
And he was well content;
Out of the woods my Master came,
Content with death and shame.
When death and shame would woo Him last,
From under the trees they drew Him last,
’Twas on a tree they slew Him—last
When out of the woods He came.


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