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Carlton T. Russell Light and Lyfe Immortal

Anthems, Communion Anthems, Evening Service, Introits, Benedictions and Responses
Keyboard [organ/piano]
2-part mixed
Moderately Easy
Suggested Uses(s)

Thomas Cranmer's (1489-1556) collect for the First Sunday of Advent set beautifully by Carlton Russell. Unhurried, gentle, introspective. Use this as a call to worship, an anthem or a communion anthem.

Originally, the collect for Advent I.

Almyghtye God, geue us grace,
that we may cast awaye the workes of darknes,
and put upon us the armour of light,
now in the tyme of this mortal llyfe,
(in the whiche thy sonne Jesus Christe came to visite us in great humilitie;)
that in the last daye when he shal come again in his glorious maiestye
to iudge bothe the quicke and the dead,
we maye ryse to the lyfe immortal,
through him who liueth and reignethwith thee
and the holy ghoste now and euer. Amen


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