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Samuel Sebastian Wesley O Lord, My God

Anthems, RSCM Publications
Unaccompanied [a cappella], Keyboard [organ/piano]
Moderately Easy
Suggested Uses(s)

Text adapted from I Kings 8. SATB, a cappella or with organ.

Notes: This piece is a prayer, so the mood should be calm and subdued with no part dominating. Whichever ending is adopted, the soprano part is high. Try to encourage the sopranos to lighten their top notes so the harmony of the lower parts can be heard clearly. Words such as ‘hearest’ and ‘place’ will have to be shortened to achieve clarity and continuity of pulse. The pleading nature of the word ‘forgive’ can be highlighted by giving the first note length, observing the crescendos and diminuendos and closing the word with a vocalised ‘ve’. Do not be afraid to take time between the phrases to achieve exact coordination of voices and a sense of poise.


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