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Raymond Weidner Savior, Teach Me Day by Day

This is a special $10 anthem.

We operate on the "Honor System."

If you'd like to use this anthem with your choir, please download it and send $10 to:

St. James Music Press
Box 249
Tryon, NC 28782

Then, make however many copies you need. No further licensing required.

Anthems, Communion Anthems
Keyboard [organ/piano]
Original Publication
One-Rehearsal Anthems for Summer Choirs
Suggested Uses(s)

SATB and Organ. This elegant little anthem is reminiscent of a Bach setting, with an easy chorale setting for the voices and nice interludes for the organ. Easily learned and just delightful!

Savior, teach me day by day
Thine own lesson to obey,
Better lesson cannot be,
Loving Him Who first loved me.

With a childlike heart of love
At thy bidding may I move,
Prompt to serve and follow thee,
Loving him who first loved me.


Mark Schweizer
P.O. Box 249
Tryon, North Carolina 28782
Phone 828.859.0323
Toll Free 877.822.0304


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