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Thomas Morley See The Dawn Is Breaking

Mark Schweizer
Unaccompanied [a cappella]
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A Christmas Ballett - SSATB a cappella.
original title: Shoot, False Love

The Ballett (Fa-la), a Renaissance form of the madrigal, evokes those same pastoral images that we associate with the shepherds abiding in the fields. With the popularity of Madrigal Dinners (and no real Christmas Madrigals to perform) this merging of the shepherd's story with this charming music makes a particularly effective edition to the Christmas repertoire.  This piece also gives you a chance to perform your favorite word-rhyme with "Jesus."

See the dawn is breaking
Sleeping shepherds waking
Fa la la la la
Unto us is given
God's own son from heaven
Fa la la la la

And is it very far
To Bethlehem's yonder star?
Cold and afraid we may be
As we go to see the baby.
The maiden calls us near him
And there with beasts revere him.
Fa la la la.

What offering can we bring
To give the little King?
A coat of fur to warm him
And a little lamb to charm him
Some milk and sweetest cheeses
We give to the baby Jesus.
Fa la la la.


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