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Carlton T. Russell Serving in Purenesse and Trueth

Anthems, Communion Anthems, Introits, Benedictions and Responses, Other Service Music
Keyboard [organ/piano]
2-part mixed
Suggested Uses(s)

Two-Part Choir and Organ. A beautiful and easy setting of Thomas Cranmer's (1489-1556) collect. Great anytime, but wonderful as an introit or during communion.

(Originally, the collect for the Second Communion on Easter Day and also the First Sunday after Easter Day; now for Friday in Easter Week).

Almighty father,
whiche hast geuen thy only sonne
to dye for our sinnes, and
to rise againe for oure iustificacion;
Graunte us so to putte awaye
the leauen of malyce and wickednesse,
that we maye alwaye serue thee
in purenesse of liuing and trueth;
through Jesus Christe oure Lorde. Amen.


Amy Simons
4580 State St. #181
Saginaw, Michigan 48603
Phone 828.859.0323


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