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Carol McClure Shout Aloud This Easter Day!

Children's Music, Introits, Benedictions and Responses
Unaccompanied [a cappella], Percussion
Children's Choir
Suggested Uses(s)
  • Text Writer: Carol McClure
  • Vocal Part(s): Unison
  • Vocal Range: e flat – f’
  • Key: F Mixolydian
  • Meter: 6/8
  • Accompanying Instrument(s): Improvised percussion

Target Age Group: Grades K-2 or Grades 3-6

Description: Shout Aloud This Easter Day!, composed for our 2011-2012 Viva Voce curriculum, is an easily learned option for a choral introit or anthem for Easter Day. The anthem may be sung a cappella or with an improvised percussion accompaniment, giving the choristers an opportunity to create their own accompaniment parts.

Anthem Warm-Up

  • call and response, line by line

Teaching Points

  • Intervallic Tuning: Tuning melodic intervals
  • Rhythmic Improvisation: Creating accompaniment parts with varied patterns and accents

Shout aloud this Easter Day! Christ has risen from the grave! Heaven and earth together say, Alleluia!



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