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Rachel Aarons Sing Praise to God

Keyboard [organ/piano]
Original Publication
Easy Anthems for Summer Choirs
Suggested Uses(s)

For Unison Choir (with descant) and Organ or Piano. A Hymn-Anthem on the tune: Mit Freuden Zart. A fun keyboard part frames this well known tune. One rehearsal for the choir. The accompaniment is a little trickier, but a great summer anthem.

Sing praise to God who reigns above,
the God of all creation,
the God of pow’r, the God of love,
the God of our salvation;
with healing balm my soul he fills,
and every faithless murmur stills:
to God all praise and glory.

What God’s almighty pow’r hath made,
his gracious mercy keepeth;
by morning glow or evening shade
his watchful eye ne’er sleepeth.
Within the kingdom of his might,
lo! all is just and all is right:
to God all praise and glory.

Let all who name Christ’s holy Name
give God all praise and glory;
let all who know his pow’r proclaim

aloud the wondrous story!
Cast each false idol from its throne,
the Lord is God, and he alone: 
to God all praise and glory.


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