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Mark Schweizer The Weasel Cantata

Keyboard [organ/piano]
Moderately Easy
Suggested Uses(s)

NOT FOR CHURCH! The ONLY anthem on the Dietary Laws of Leviticus. Download the PDF file! This recording is a STUNNING performance by "The Louisianians" - the men's ensemble at Louisiana College and directed by Dr. Cleamon "Codfish" Downs. (Really! You will be stunned...)

How many times does the weasel appear in the Bible?
Just once, and it's perfectly clear, that Moses and weasels did not get along;
And it's in his memory we're singing this song,
Of all of the animals sitting around
In the Old Testament there may be found
Only one reference to our sly friend,
From Genesis One straight through to the end.

The Weasel Cantata, it's not a sonata,
You cannot eat weasel, though it may taste fine.
Or lizards, or vermin, 'cause they commence to squirmin,
Leviticus Eleven, verse twenty-nine.

You can eat all you want of a sheep, but no pork.
And you cannot eat pelican, heron, or stork.
Or tortoise, or eagles, or bugs on the floor;
And if you eat ravens, you'll cry, "Nevermore!"
But all of these rules will come down in a trice,
When you develop a taste for fried mice.
Nothing's as tasty, no matter the cost,
As freshly-baked mole-pie with iguana sauce.

So it may taste fine, with lizards, and vermin,
And never mind the squirmin',
Leviticus eleven, verse twenty-nine.


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