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Score and congregational parts for the St. James Christmas Service

Yes, it's FREE!

Here is the score, the instrumental part, and congregational parts for your bulletin insert. Download them here.

EPS files: Encapsulated Postscript Files are files that have the fonts embedded in them. They are great for putting into bulletins when congregational parts are called for. Alternatively, there are TIFF and JPEG files (graphic files) for those of you who are more familiar with those formats.

HINT: If you try to OPEN an EPS file, it will not work unless you have a program that will convert it and we suspect you do not. However, these will work by PLACING or IMPORTING them into a document (bulletin, leaflet, etc.) TIF/JPEG files will probably open, because most computers have some sort of program that will open a graphic. EPS is better quality, but TIF/JPEG files work fine as well.


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