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Since 1992 St. James Music Press has been publishing some of the finest church anthems being written today. THE FINEST! And we're not just bragging. Anthems from SJMP have been heard on national broadcasts, performed at cathedrals and churches throughout the world, and premiered at major music conferences throughout the country. Our catalog does not contain praise-songs, choruses or renewal music. It is, however, filled with new traditional anthems, beautiful classics, and fresh arrangements of varying difficulty which have been tried and tested by many fine church choirs.

We want you to photocopy our music!

Unlike many publishers, we are committed to each and every anthem that we publish. You won't like or use them all and that's fine. We all have different tastes. But if your choir sings traditional anthems on a regular basis, you won't find a better resource than St. James Music Press. And now - our entire catalog is on-line and searchable. Need an anthem for the third Sunday after Epiphany when your entire alto section has decided to go on a "spiritual makeover" weekend hosted by Noylene Fabergé, the Christian Beautician? No problem. It's only a couple of mouse-clicks away.

Find the Sunday in our Liturgical calendar, look for the voicing you need, listen to a few, and print out some that you like. Or print them all. Then photocopy enough for your choir (permission granted!) and they'll sound like a waffle-house full of angels with Gabriel serving pancakes!

Nineteen thousand churches can't be wrong. Join the St. James Music Press family.

Anthems by some of the finest composers and musicians in the business. Cantatas, Psalm settings for congregation, masses and service music, childrens' choir music (our award-winning Viva Voce! program), organ music, handbell music, music for brass and organ, organ solo, musicals, anthems for small choirs (our Ten Panicked Singers series), descants and harmonizations, evening services, introits, benedictions...the list goes on and on. And NEW pieces being added each and every month. We'll send you updates alerting you to new offerings as well as suggesting some pieces you may have forgotten about. All instrumental parts included, of course!

Listen to everything. Download whatever you want.

Or download everything! MP3s for making choir CDs, PDFs for printing, and ZIP files containing the congregational files you'll need for your bulletins.

Wow! Want to give it a look?

It's free... No, we're not kidding. 

Okay, you can't print anything out, but you can look at and listen to everything in the catalog.  Our recordings are, in many cases, live recordings from church services and performed by church choirs (large and small) across the country. Most are not professional, but they'll give you a very good idea as to how the anthem sounds.

About our Founder, Mark Schweizer

Mark Schweizer at Desk

St. James Music Press was the brainchild of Mark Schweizer. In 1992, Mark and several other conferees at the Sewanee Church Music Conference decided to try a new way of publishing music for the church. It was his vision that guided SJMP to become one of the first fully-online music publishing companies.

Mark was a renaissance man.  In addition to his work as a composer and editor, he was the author of the celebrated Liturgical Mysteries. He was in demand as a clinician and conductor. He also enjoyed writing and staging all sorts of funny skits and musical parodies. He was devoted to his family and had a wide circle of friends. St. James Music Press will continue to embody Mark’s standard for quality in church music and sense of humor.