14 Hymns of Praise Made Fancy

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14 Hymns of Praise for brass (or other instruments.) Who doesn't like brass with their hymns? Well, maybe those old fogeys in the back pew...
Here are some arrangements and descants that really work  - whether you have a full compliment of instruments, or maybe just a couple of wandering cornamuse players.

  • Aurelia
  • Azmon
  • Coronation
  • Crucifer
  • Duke Street
  • Engelberg
  • Hyfrydol
  • Hymn to Joy
  • Lasst Uns Erfreuen
  • Lauda Anima
  • Laudate Dominum
  • Lobe den Herren
  • Mit Freuden Zart
  • Westminster Abbey

Brass quartet with Optional Horn in F - All parts are included on two pages (per hymn). The horn parts are in the back.

Suggested uses

  • C Descant
  • Bb Descant
  • Bb Trumpet Parts (Soprano and Alto lines)
  • Trombone Countermelody
  • Organ/Trombone Parts
  • Opt. Horn Parts (Alto, Tenor, and Countermelody)
  • Introduction: organ or brass or both
    Verse One: 4 part brass and organ (SATB)
    Verse Two: organ + trombone or horn countermelody
    Verse Three: organ alone or with descant or brass alone
    Verse Four: organ, descant + STB brass
            OR descant + countermelody +SB
            OR everything, if you have enough players.

    Or, whatever you like! There are plenty of options and all parts work together. Recording: One verse - All parts together.