Abraham's Sacrifice

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Dramatic scene for Baritone (Abraham), Treble or Mezzo-soprano (Isaac), Soprano or Tenor (Angel), Optional SATB Choir, Horn, and Organ. Text from the York Mystery Plays.



My sweet son come hither to me Oh Isaac, my son dear,
Come to thy father, my child so free,
For we must go together in fear.

Father, fire and wood here is plenty,
But I can see no sacrifice.
What shall you offer? Fain would I see
That it were done in the best wise.

Alas, dear child, I may not choose.
I must needs my sweet son kill.
My dear darling now must me lose,
My own kin's blood now shall I spill.
Yet this deed ere I fulfil
My sweet son, thy mouth I kiss.

All ready father, even at your will
I do your bidding as reason is.
With lowly heart to God I cry
I am his servant both day and night
I thank thee lord in heaven so high
With heart, with thought, with main, with might.

Abraham, Abraham, thou father free
I am here ready, what is your will?

Extend thy hand in no degree.
I bid thou him not kill.
Here do I see by right good skill
Almighty God that thou dost dread
For thou sparest not thy son to spill.

I thank my God in Heaven above
And him honour for his great grace.
And that my lord me thus doth approve

I will him worship in every place.

Ah, my lord God, to worship now on knee I fall.
I thank thee lord of thy mercy.
Now God all things of nought that made
His great honour may never more fade.