Alleluia Verse

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Instrumental Only?

For Choir and/or Congregation and Organ. Bill Roberts composed this for the 2015 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City.

From the composer:

This Alleluia Verse may be sung in several ways. It was originally designed to be sung in combination with a verse of Scripture or liturgical text, chanted by a choir, cantor or
soloist. If performed in this manner, the following scheme pertains:

  • Alleluia by Choir (in unison or parts) and Congregation
  • Scripture appropriate to the day or season, chanted by Choir, Cantor or Soloist. (An example is given.)
  • Repetition of the Alleluia.

The music might also be adapted in any way that suits the congregation’s particular liturgy or style of worship.

The congregational part for your bulletin (EPS, JPEG, and TIFF formats) is located in the EXTRAS (ZIP) file.