Awake from Slumber, Wake from Sleep

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Instrumental Only?

SATB Choir and Organ or Piano. Quietly meditative and introspective. A wonderful text by the composer.


Awake from slumber, wake from sleep;
Rise from darkness, darkness deep.
As from the watchman on the wall,
Advent is the church's call
to light and hope in new year's turning:
Find relief from restless yearning. 

Amid the gloom of shadows deep,
We endeavor faith to keep.
Are we a branch of Jesse's tree?
Advent brings us all to see
That wisdom from on high will flow
When we seek God's will to know. 

We call upon the Lord of Might,
Strive to keep God in our sight.
As David's key unlocks heav'ns gate,
Advent sees the way made straight
For God to come as Prince of Peace,
All from darkness to release.

Our God with us, Emmanuel,
Lead us in your heart to dwell.
O Radiant Dawn, now brightly shine:
Advent shows us the divine.
Amid the flow of time and space,
We await the birth of grace.