Can You Count The Stars?

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Instrumental Only?

Unison Children's Choir and keyboard. Bright, cheerful, and fun. Easily learned with a wonderful text. So, you need something for your children's choir to sing on Mother's Day? Look no further! We have an alternate 2nd verse that will bring a tear to every mama's eye...


Can you count the stars that brightly

Twinkle in the midnight sky?

Can you count the clouds, so lightly

O’er the meadows floating by?

God, the Lord, does mark their number,

With His eyes that never slumber;

He has made them every one,

He has made them every one.

Can you count the wings now flashing

In the sunshine’s golden light?

Can you count the fishes splashing

In the cooling waters bright?

God, the Lord, a name has given,

to all creatures under Heaven;
He has named them every one,

He has named them every one.

Mother's Day stanza

Can you count the loving measure

Of a mother's heart, and mild,
Nurturing the wondrous treasure
Found in each and every child.
Like a mother, God enfolds us
Gently, in his arms, will hold us,
And will comfort every one.
And will comfort every one.

Do you know how many children

Rise each morning on their way?

Can you count their happy voices,

Singing sweetly on this day?

God hears all the happy voices,

In their merry songs rejoices;

And He loves them, every one,

And He loves them, every one.