Carol of Beauty

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and keyboard (organ). A lovely, graceful anthem that will work for Thanksgiving, Creationtide, Earth Day, or anytime. Text by Steuart Wilson. In a vibrant and joyful 6/8.


Praise we the Lord who made all beauty for all our senses to enjoy.
Give we our humble thanks and duty for simple pleasures we employ.

Praise him who makes our life a pleasure, sending us things which glad our eyes.
Thank him who gives us welcome leisure, that in our hearts sweet thoughts may rise.

Praise him who loves to see young lovers, fresh hearts that swell with youthful pride.
Thank him who sends the sun above us, as bridegroom fit to meet his bride.

Praise him who by a simple flower lifts our hearts to things above,
Thank him who gives to each one power to find a friend to know and love.