Carol of the Exodus

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and Organ. Who knew that singing about a "wonderwand" could be so much fun? The melody is based on the traditional English carol "Old King Cole," and this setting is just, well, merry. Great for the anthem at your Easter Vigil service and also when the Exodus lesson comes up. In the finest English Carol style ... so mote it be!


Moses sing unto Christ thy King, who hath won the victory.
And hath laid low haughty Pharaoh underneath the deep Red Sea.

Yea, merry, merry, merry, merry, merry may we be,
As bird upon the berry of the may or cherry tree,
While as we stand with harp in hand
On the shore of the Red, Red Sea.

God perforce overthrew the horse, Rider, car, and axletree.
They sank as lead, and their men lie dead, dead as stone, so mote it be!

His right hand, and his staff's command, did divide at his decree.
The surging wave, and thereby did save us and ours from slavery.

Thou didst blow, and entomb our foe, in the bottom of the sea.
And if dry-shod, we went o'er by God, be ascribed the praise to thee!