The Christ Child's Lullaby

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Instrumental Only?

For Unison or Children's Choir with Descant, Violin, and Harp or Piano. Carol wrote this for her children's choir, but it works just as well for older treble voices. The violin part is simple and adds a wonderful medieval "hurdy gurdy" sound to the lullaby. It can be played by a beginning violinist and sets off the ancient text beautifully. Great for incorporating your choristers into your Lessons and Carols service, on Christmas Eve, or anytime during the Christmas season. And if you happen to have a harpist ... Wow!


My love, my joy, my pleasure, oh,
My wonder new and pleasure, oh,
My son, my beauty ever, oh,
Immanuel, my child, my King.

My little babe, the Lord of all,
Your bed shall be a manger stall;
Then, at your feet the world shall fall,
Immanuel, my child, my King.

God's angels shall announce your birth,
And share the news with songs of mirth,
That God has come to dwell on earth,
Immanuel, my child, my King.