Christ, the Fair Glory Top Pick

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For SATB Choir and Organ - a thrilling setting of the tune Caelites Plaudant.  This anthem is intended for the feast of St. Michael and All Angels, but it would also work for All Saints' Day.  Note that verse two is omitted from the recording.  Learning tracks are available for this piece and are accessible from the downloaded .pdf.


Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels,
maker of all things, ruler of all nations,
grant of thy mercy unto us thy servants
steps up to heaven.

Send thine archangel Michael to our succor;
peacemaker blessed, may he banish from us
striving and hatred, so that for the peaceful
all things may prosper.

Send thine archangel Gabriel, the mighty,
herald of heaven, may he, from us mortals,
drive every evil, watching o’er the temples
where thou are worshiped.

Send from the heaven Raphael thine archangel,
health-bringer blessed, aiding every sufferer,
that, in thy service, he may wisely guide us,
healing and blessing.

May the blest mother of our God and Savior,
may the celestial company of angels,
may the assembly of the saints in heaven,
help us to praise thee.

Father Almighty, Son, and Holy Spirit,
God ever blessed, hear our thankful praises,
thine is the glory which from all creation
ever ascendeth.