Christmas Joy

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and piano. Secular text by Carol Gunn. Lighthearted and contemporary. Would be perfect for a Choir Christmas party gather-round-the-piano time.


What a joy to feel that it's Christmas,
What a joy to celebrate love.
We have waited so long, just to sing out our song.
Let it sound, let it ring out through the land.
What a joy to hear all the laughter,
What a joy to cast care aside.
See the warmth on a face, feel a loving embrace,
Hold a memory to store for all time.

What a joy to treasure the moment
What a joy to hear the bells chime,
They have waited so long, just to sing their song,
Let it sound, let it ring through the air.
What a joy to wonder at snowflakes,
What a joy to see faces shine,
Glimpse the stars in the sky,
as they sparkle on high,
lighting up our lives at Christmastime.

Looking back, you will smile,
Lost in yesterday for a while,
As was then, so is now,
Time melts as years roll away,
What a joy to know it's for ever,
What a joy to know it won't change,
As we make all our plans,
Holding dreams in our hands,
storing precious thoughts to last for all time,
As we look to the past, Christmas love always lasts,
What a joy it is to sing,
What a joy.