Christ's Chanticleer

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Instrumental Only?

Energetic, vibrant, modern setting of the William Austin poem for Easter. Fun rhythms and colorful harmonies are sure to make this one popular with singers and listeners alike. SATB with organ.


All this night shrill chanticleer, day's proclaiming trumpeter;
Claps his wings and loudly cries, “Mortals, mortals, wake and rise!”
See a wonder heav'n is under;
From the earth is ris'n a Sun, shines all night though day be done.

Wake, O earth, wake ev’rything! Wake and hear the joy I bring;
Wake with joy, for all this night Heav’n and ev’ry twinkling light,
All amazing, still stand gazing at the tomb that empty be,
Wake with joy this risen Sun to see!

Hail, O Sun, O blessed Light, ris’n from the grave in darkest night.
Let Thy rays and heav’nly pow’r shine in these dark souls of ours.

All this night shrill chanticleer, day’s proclaiming trumpeter,
“He’s ris’n!” the cock’rel cries.  “Alleluia! Awake and rise!”