Come Quickly, Lord Jesus

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Instrumental Only?

SATB or SAB with organ. Both scores included (SAB a half-step lower). Text by the composer, referencing the "O Antiphons." Not difficult at all and a fine, stately anthem for anytime in Advent, even for your smaller choir! Note: The recording is of the SATB version.


O come now Lord Jesus, our Dayspring, our Cheer,
And lift up our spirits by your Advent here.
The herald is calling, his cry we obey,
In deserts and valleys, “Prepare God a way.”

O come, Root of Jesse, O come now and free
Your people, Your children, from death’s tyranny.
The poor and the needy who suffer great wrong
Give strength and give justice and bid them be strong.

O come Key of David, our hearts open wide.
Our path, guard with safety and lead us on high.
Make straight what was crooked and rough places plain,
Make hard hearts be humble for God’s holy reign.

Come quickly Lord Jesus, as dawn follows night,
Creator, Redeemer, the people’s true light,
Let all things on earth and in heaven adore,
And own you as Savior and King evermore.