Creator of Beauty and Giver of Light Top Pick

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Instrumental Only?

For Unison/Solo, C Instrument and Keyboard - A beautiful and fresh setting of an original text by Beverly Easterling.  The tune Nettleton is quoted throughout.  Would work as a solo or quick summer anthem.  The text is appropriate for St. Francis Day, Christ the King, Thanksgiving or Evensong.  Note that the recording is of the SATB version.


Creator of beauty and giver of light,
Who set the stars shining in dark sacred night;
We offer our music with hearts full of praise,
With joyful thanksgiving for all of our days.

In pastures of heaven, where green valleys sing,
And high mountains echo, each prayer to our King;
May this song, a gift forever be found,
Now offered with grace, and eternity bound.

The journey of each soul remains in your care,
Your guidance and faithfulness, always you share;
Your spirit, within us, each strength that you send,
Returned to your glory, a world without end.