The Donkey

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Instrumental Only?

Two-part (treble) choir and keyboard. Light, dancelike, and nimble - a fun piece for Palm Sunday! Text by Beverly Easterling and Mark Schweizer.


Blessed! Sing Hosanna! He who comes in the name of the Lord!

Little Donkey, shaggy and brown,
Carried the Savior all through the town.
Carried him proudly up hill and down,
Ride to Glory, King Jesus!

Little Donkey heard the loud roar,
Hosanna, hosanna, he is adored,
That comes with us in the Name of the Lord!
Ride to Glory, King Jesus!

Little Donkey, sturdy and strong,
Watched all the folks as he trotted along,
Waving their branches and singing their song,
Ride to Glory, King Jesus!

Little Donkey stopped in his place,
And felt the Savior's tender embrace,
Then saw the goodness upon his face,
Ride to Glory, King Jesus!