In Dulci Jubilo - With Joyful Hearts Aglow

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A strophic mini-cantata by Buxtehude, in English translation. SAB choir, 2 violins, optional cello/basso continuo, and organ.


With joyful hearts aglow / In dulci jubilo
Let songs and gladness flow!
Our delight and pleasure
Lies in a manger low. / lies in praesepio.
Shines like the sun, our treasure
Is cradled here below. / Matris in gremio
First and last also. / Alpha es et O.

O Jesus, infant small,
It is on you I call.
Be my consolation,
Most holy, blessed boy,
first born of all creation,
God’s gift of love and joy.
Draw me after you.

The Father’s love divine!
Grace from the Son doth shine!
Then we were weak and wand’ring,
In sin and darkness lost;
to us he brings an off’ring,
Joy with the heav’nly host.
O that we were there!

Where does all joy abound?
Joys in heav’n are found!
Angels there are singing;
Newest songs they raise.
There the bells are ringing;
Heav’ns’ courts are filled with praise!
O that we were there!