Easter Affirmation

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Instrumental Only?

Grade K-2 Children's Choir (or Easy Access anthem for Grade 3-6 choir) for unison treble voices, congregation, handbells and organ.

  • Text Source: Credal, adapted by Harriet Willoughby
  • Feature: Congregational participation
  • Vocal Range: d-c’
  • Key: D major/D Mixolydian
  • Meter: 4/4
  • Accompanying Instruments: Handbells (optional), organ (or piano)

Teaching Overview: Easter Affirmation is an easy choir-and-congregation anthem for Easter morning, even if the entire choir has been on Spring break during Holy Week. The congregational response echoes the refrain sung by the choir. The refrain itself is appropriate for communion/Eucharist use. Use an ascending Mixolydian modal scale as a warm-up for this anthem.


Christians, welcome Easter Day! Christ our Lord rose from the grave! Join together to proclaim: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again! Alleluia, Amen!