Easter Carol

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and Organ. Something fun for everyone in this dynamic piece. There's enough unison to keep your choir from getting the jitters, but also enough vocal acrobatics to keep your divas happy! Text from Des Knaben Wunderhorn (1808), tr. G. R. Woodward.


Rejoice, rejoice! In pomp today
Our King returneth from the fray:
Good Christian folk put grief away,
And raise the high triumphing lay,
Deo gratias. Benedicamus Domino,
For Christ hath vanquish'd ev'ry foe.

Hark! down and dale resound with glee:
See all in blossom, earth and tree:
These festal robes and carols be
In joy of Jesu's victory:
Deo gratias, etc.

The Lamb that died, the sheep to save,
Is Judah's Lion, stalwart, brave:
In vain the granite stone, the grave,
The watch and ward, the sealed cave.
Deo gratias, etc.

As Aaron's rod brake forth of yore,
And almond bloom ere morning bore,
So our High Priest his service o'er,
Bare fruitage: life for ever more.
Deo gratias, etc.

Jesu, true Victor in the fray,
Restore thy people peace we pray,
The pledge of this thy Rising day,
That we may ever raise the lay.
Deo gratias, etc.