Eternal Father, Eternal Love

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Instrumental Only?

SATB Choir, Solo (S), and Organ. A great anthem for any occasion. This translation of the prayer is from the Bo,Ok of Common Worship and is used as a Call to Worship in many churches. The music is an exultant pairing of praise and worship (and we use those terms in the "good" way.)


We praise you, we worship you, we adore you.
You hold the heavens in your hand, all stars rejoice in your glory.
You come in the sunrise and the song of morn and bless the splendor of the noonday.
The stars in their courses magnify you, day and night tell of your glory.
Your peace blows over the earth and the breath of you mouth fills all space.
Your voice comes in the thunder of the storm and the song of the wind whispers of your majesty.
You satisfy all things living with your abundance and our hearts bow at your presence.
Accept us, your children, Eternal Father, and hearken to our prayer.
Bend over us, Eternal Love, and bless us. Amen.