Festal Toccata

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Instrumental Only?

Arthur Baynon is most notably known for his delicious anthem When Rooks Fly Homeward, but he wrote quite a bit of music during his career. This fun toccata was first published in 1918. A-B-A in form, this is an extended piece that could be shortened for use as a prelude/postlude as well as performed in its entirety. A lot of BANG for the practice time involved. We even have the original review!

Review - American Organist, Vol. 2 - July 1919
Following conventional toccata lines, very easy to play. A great portion of the toccata is two-part writing which is worthy of examination by prospective composers. It is not always necessary to write all the notes possible for two hands and to feet to play in order to obtain effects of bigness or solidity, and Mr. Baynon has shown himself cognizant of that. This toccata might make a good prelude for a morning service or a postlude for either service, if it were played with discretion instead of ff. There is no more reason for taking a toccata fortissimo than there is for taking a cantilena fortissimo, and there is just as much for taking both pianissimo or piano.