Followers of the Lamb

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Instrumental Only?
  • Text Source: Shaker
  • Tune Source: Shaker
  • Arranger: Carol McClure
  • Worship Use: General
  • Vocal Part(s): Two-part
  • Vocal Range: Pt. I, a-g’; Pt. II, e-e’
  • Key: A minor
  • Meter: 6/8
  • Accompanying Instrument: Organ (or piano) OR can be performed a cappella

Target Age Group: Grades 3-6

Description: Followers of the Lamb is an appealing anthem, ideal for a baptismal service, appropriate for the seasons after Epipany or for Pentecost/Trinity, or for a Spring concert. The text is straightforward and easily memorized by choristers. One of six Shaker source anthems offered in the Viva Voce 2011-2012 curriculum, this anthem provides an opportunity to work on tuning intervals between the two parts.

Anthem Warm-Ups

  • bars 7-8: Part II, pitch accuracy
  • random phrases, sung a cappella: staccato singing of parts for pitch accuracy

Teaching Points

  • Rhythm/Meter: Sustaining a dance-like momentum in 6/8 time
  • Vocal Production: Sustaining a lovely unified tone on Treble I (e’) in bars 1-8
  • Musical Understanding: Performing 4-bar melodic/rhythmic phrases; shaping phrases
  • Intervallic Tuning: Tuning harmonic intervals between the two parts
  • Music History: Learning about early Shaker tunes and texts

O brethren, aren't you happy, ye followers of the Lamb?
Sing on and dance on, followers of Emmanuel,
Sing on and dance on, followers of the Lamb.
O sisters aren't you happy, ye followers of the Lamb?
Be joyful in the Lord, O ye followers of the Lamb.