The Gyft of Charitie

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Instrumental Only?

Two-Part Choir (men, women) and organ. Those old English fellows couldn't spell worth a darn, but they sure had a way with words! Long enough for a small anthem, short enough for an introit. Perfect for summer choirs - easy and very effective.

Originally the Collect for Quinquagesima Sunday.

COMPOSER'S NOTE: Although the vast majority of the collects (prayers) of Archbishop Cranmer are based on Latin originals, this one is among the few that were newly composed for the first Book of Common Prayer (1549). Amen has been added as was customary for collects of the day in later editions of the prayer book.


O Lorde whiche doeste teache us

that all our doynges without charitie

are nothyng woorthe;

sende thy holy ghost, and powre into our heartes

that most excellent gyft of charitie,

the very bond of peace and al vertues,

without the whiche whosoever liueth

is counted dead before thee:

Graunte this for thy onlye sonne,

Jesus Christes sake.